Self Created Invention
Glam Taboo Breaker
Storyteller in Action
Feminine Provocateur
Indulging Temptation of Love
Role Model of Justice
Performance Rebel of the
Loving Mother of the most
wonderful kid in the world
Billionaire’s Ex
MAFIA Hunter
Turning the devil’s
head & proving it!
If in doubt,
leave my space NOW!

Delilah Jay found her way as an Artist in THE STORY OF HER OWN LIFE.
Jetting around the globe for MTV EUROPE, launching VH1 “rocked” her passion for music and performances. When Delilah joined NetJets Europe, later a Warren Buffet enterprise, where she managed the Italian clients, selling private jets to the world of the rich & powerful


So Delilah Jay’s story was written:

At a client meeting in Bologna back in the mid 90s, Delilah Jay met handsome, elegant, hyper-intelligent & super rich Maurizio who was far more interested in beautiful young blond Delilah, walking her never ending long legs on high heels into his office in Bologna’s Piazza San Domenico, than buying a multi-million-dollar private jet.

Delilah Jay became Maurizio’s MUSE – his MISTRESS THE ITALIAN WAY. In 2000 Delilah’s  and Maurizio’s one & only son was born. At that stage, Delilah Jay did not know about Maurizio’s powerful connection to a dangerous mighty empire of control Delilah tumbled into: The Italian Clan.

Maurizio’s double-life in dark depths manipulation with Bologna’s “Santa” Isabella, still brings Delilah Jay to the edges of her performances introduce the feeling for Justice without any fear after Delilah Jay’s one & only son had been kidnapped with promises by the rich father: Maurizio. After winning Court cases in London and Bologna, against powerful Maurizio over sole custody and financials, Delilah Jay promised herself and her legal team MISHCON DE REYA, she would write her novels based on what Maurizio  dragged her through:

Delilah’s poetry and the lyrics of her songs tell the story of her victory over Maurizio Petta. Laughing about his connections with Isabella. Maurizio and his ‘ amici di merenda ‘.The Clan. Corruption. Mafia.

Maurizio stole Delilah’s son, brainwashed his young mind and chucked Delilah out of her home in London in 2018. Since then, Delilah Jay lives in an American Motorhome The DELILAH MOBILE on the move after having been threatened by the father of her only child – Maurizio. Delilah Jay makes THE UNTOUCHABLES touchable. Vulnerable. Shows their most private preferences. Confessions made ‘ between the sheets ‘.

Delilah’s stories are fictions – but how much is Delilah revealing?
“ Stories find me ! “ says Delilah Jay – The It-Girl Of Literature.

Spirit, tension, drama, love and a mysterious touch of the erotic tell stories about herself and her extraordinary protagonists when Delilah’s fighting for justice.

Holding a degree in business & economics didn’t stop Delilah becoming a pop-singer, artist, songwriter for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 UK. The video BABY BOY (It’s A Boy) was produced and submitted by Delilah Jay (lyrics, singer, artist) together with journalist Nimrod Kamer (artist, singer) and film makers Laura Hemming-Lowe and William Pine (composer).

In December 2015 Delilah won South London Episode Couples COME DINE WITH ME. Delilah Jay was a model and actress in her late teenage years and became a PAGE 3 GIRL when she was 17. Again, in 2015, Delilah shows us her ‚hidden secrets‘ in BILD Zeitung Germany as the oldest PAGE 3 GIRL in Germany’s history.

Born in Berlin, where she grew up, Delilah soon left Germany for adventure and the desire to live and explore a bigger world. “I am a real European,” Delilah says and she is right: London, Berlin, Rome is what she calls home. Fluently charming in German, English and Italian, Delilah creates her own Galaxy.

As a politician standing for Love, Peace & Happiness, Delilah was running as independent candidate for MAYOR OF LONDON Election 20016 with the ambition for an international goal in the European Parliament. Delilah is fighting for the rights for homeless people, animal welfare and making every company pay tax, single parents, fighting against corruption and supporting nudity on public transport, Champagne for everyone!