Ironic, political, provocative! Sariah is a real princess from The Kingdom Of Black Gold. Her powerful father, one of the richest men in Africa, according to The Forbes List, gave her as a present to be married to a member of the Royal Family when she was a very young teenage girl. Sariah has a big dream: she wants to go to school, have an education and live a free life of her own choosing. One day she comes to London and falls in love. She is only fourteen but she forgets who she is, where she comes from: a married Arabian Princess! Back home in The Kingdom Of Black Gold, Sariah finds out that she is pregnant. The only person she can trust is her maid Khatiba. Together they plan to stay in London on Sariah’s next visit. After giving birth to her daughter Aamina she asks for asylum in Britain. Sariah cannot go back to her home country, she fears for her life, to be stoned to death or beheaded – as happened to a princess in the late seventies. “Death Of A Princess” was the documentary film by Antony Thomas that made headline news for frontline journalism. Princess Sariah’s story is told by a friend, Aelita, whose son Felix and Aamina went to school together. After some years, Aelita reads in the news paper that Princess Sariah had been dragged through The Courts by a property develper who wanted to take advantage of her wealth. The newspaper reports were very hostile. She was even called a ‘pennyless prostitute’. At this stage Aelita begins to investigate the story about Sariah as An Arabian Princess who challenges all the controls and restrictions in her culture.